Live the experience with your friends!
Culinary delights with color in your Party!
It's time that work becomes a game...
Sweets Parties..sweet moments ... memories that stay ...
When dreams come true!
Take the hero hiding in you!
And the adrenaline rises!
Vintage Party!
Color Events!
One picture..thousands words
Finally June…
How far goes your magic tricks?
Wild animals .. unexpected pitfalls .. check out the map and Safari starts!
Hidden smiles in town!
Splash water games!
Little heroes who live between us...
Have fun together .... will love you even more ...
Give us the party keyword and enjoy it!!
Who tell you that fishing is only for dads? (Pool Party)
Trick or treat?
Grow up with us!!!
Cowboys vs Indians...

    360°Α&F is a company based in OAKA athletic stadium, Amarisia Artemidos & Pittara G. (Tennis Dept.), Maroussi. The founders, Asteris Karagiorgis and Archontia Karageorgi are graduates of the Physical Education and Sports Science University of Athens. They have much experience in organizing athletic events for adults and entertaining events and parties for children.


Our team:

    360°Α&F is surrounded by a number of external partners such as teachers, trainers and artists who are always available for your event according to your requests. They are experts with skills, experience and passion for their job. Our associates are trained systematically to always offer high quality services and with the guidance of 360°A&F they ensure the successful execution of your events.