Theme Parties

Theme Parties

    360°Α&F saves you time and puts you out of trouble by taking over entirely the organization of child and teen parties in any of our facilities or at your place. With original ideas, unique games and entertaining activities tailored to your own choices this party will be a fun memory to all. If your child has a particular preference to a super hero, to some extreme activities or adventure sports we ensure you that a theme party is the perfect solution that all of you will enjoy. Inspired by the needs and the personality of the child, our company creates original theme parties for children that cannot fail to impress you. The equipment varies depending on the situation, but the mood is always festive and creative. Pirates, Clowns, Princesses, Spies, Batman and Robin, Fairies party, Safari, Oriental, Beach party, Karaoke, Paintball party, Treasure hunt, RPG (role playing games), and Extreme sports are some of the themes you can choose from.

Just give us a hint and we will organize it for you!


05 March 2016